Mark Bingham

Football is a sport were you have to learn to lean on another person to strengthen your team. No one part will ever be able to overcome the challenges you face in a game alone. It teaches you to trust the person next to you without necessarily seeing what they are doing. It helps you develop the type of faith that you need to have in our Lord. You must trust without seeing.

Nathan Keck

Our team is special because we all come from different countries and parts of this country to form a bond that is forged in the battle of playing a game together.. It's not a Sunrise football practice or game if there aren't multiple languages being used.

Vincent Martin

I enjoy coaching at Sunrise because of the vision of the school and the passion of the students.

Kyle Waters

I enjoy coaching at Sunrise because I get to have a hand in molding young men to serve Christ.

Roland Mumford

The joy of mentoring a young man, give them life like lessons while inserting key skillset points to enhance his performance throughout games and seasons. The best part is seeing the light bulb come on and the things taught being applied and helping bring them success.


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